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Why Radzen?

It's easy and saves you time and hassle. Radzen is about rapid and serverless web app development. Our commitment is to enable you create stunning web apps with few clicks. We want to save you time to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript, while creating beautiful and responsive web apps. Radzen empowers you with UI components, a sleek design surface, where you can drag and drop components and rich configuration options to adjust the UI to your very own needs. You can connect to your business data through REST, OData, or directly connect to Salesforce. You can create data entities that read from your backend and feed into the UI. On top of that, Radzen will create Angular 2 code so that your app is future-proof with the latest web technologies.

Next-gen Serverless App Creation

Rich and Responsive UI

Use pre-defined components like Grids and Charts to create modern web app UI. Radzen features dozens of UI components to help you quickly create engaging pages. The ready-to-use themes will save you hours of tinkering with CSS and responsive layouts. We know good business apps need powerful UI and we focus on the most relevant components.

Drag and Drop Development

Radzen's Drag and Drop approach enables easy and codeless page design. Drag and Drop UI components from the toolbox onto the Radzen's design surface and let the responsive layout do the rest. Use advanced configuration forms to fine-tune the bahvior of the components.

Auto-Generated Code

We let you effortlessly design your app, while doing the nitty-gritty code creation behind the scenes. As a result Radzen outputs ready-to-deploy apps thanks to its code-generation engine. You can preview your apps at any time during design.

Connect to any Data

Connect your web apps to any backend and data. Create data-sources and map data fields to the UI. You can virtually connect to any legacy business backend thanks to the built-in OData and REST suuport, or directly connect to Salesforce.

Angular 2 ready

Future-proof your app with Angular 2. Radzen creates your app the Angular 2 way. You can rest assured you are building on cutting edge foundation.


Radzen runs securely on the desktop (Mac and Windows). Radzen does not store your data, it simply enables you connect to it.

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