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Simple Drag and Drop with Angular 2

Updated on March 11, 2017 to address a bug in Internet Explorer which affected the initial implementation.

Testing Angular 2 apps with Webpack and mocha

Unit tests are a first class citizen in Angular 2. The officially recommended test runner is Karma and the testing library is Jasmine. Karma executes unit tests in a browser (sometimes a headless one such as PhantomJS). Thus unit tests run in a close to rea...

jQuery plugins and Angular 2

In this blog post I will show you how to use a jQuery plugin in an Angular 2 app. The plugin is the popular jQuery UI DatePicker.

Event Bubbling and Angular 2

Angular components and HTML elements communicate with the outside world through events. The Angular event binding syntax is the same for components and elements - the target event within parentheses, equal sign and a template statement.