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Entity Framework Core relationships

I’ve spent last few days working on code generation for cascade delete support in Radzen and found several important facts about Entity Framework Core that might help you in case you work on something similar.


Testing Angular 2 apps with Webpack and mocha

Unit tests are a first class citizen in Angular 2. The officially recommended test runner is Karma and the testing library is Jasmine. Karma executes unit tests in a browser (sometimes a headless one such as PhantomJS). Thus unit tests run in a close to rea...

jQuery plugins and Angular 2

In this blog post I will show you how to use a jQuery plugin in an Angular 2 app. The plugin is the popular jQuery UI DatePicker.

Event Bubbling and Angular 2

Angular components and HTML elements communicate with the outside world through events. The Angular event binding syntax is the same for components and elements - the target event within parentheses, equal sign and a template statement.