Radzen overview

Radzen is a RAD solution that you use to create Angular web applications connecting to REST or OData services.


Radzen has the following essential features

Drag and Drop development

Create your application pages by dragging and dropping UI components from from the rich toolbox. Use the property grid to configure the component behavior by setting properties and subscribing to events.

Rich set of UI components

Radzen includes a rich set of ready-to-use UI components out of the box:

  • Data Grid
  • Charts (bar, line, area, pie and more)
  • Form
  • Button and TextBox
  • Generic HTML

Looking for more? Radzen's extensibilty allows for custom components or even replacing the existing ones.

Connect to your REST services

Use the data source creation wizard to describe your REST services and models. Radzen can then perform all CRUD operations without any extra code.

Connect to MS SQL Server databases

Radzen can connect to MS SQL Server instances by generating an OData service from the database schema.

Next steps

Ready to get started? Follow the installation steps and dive in Radzen development!

DISCLAIMER: Radzen is currently in alpha release.

  • The product is in development and you are likely to hit bugs or other limitations.
  • The final design and features will probably change.
  • Use at your own risk! Not recommended for production use.
  • Strongly recommended for experiments and providing feedback :)

If you hit a bug or want to get in touch please open an issue or send an email to info at radzen.com.

Make sure you are running the latest version: 1.0.0-alpha.13.

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