This guide demonstrates how to create and run a simple Radzen application. The application will display a data grid which is bound to an OData service. You can check the final result online.

How to build the application

Prerequisite: Install Radzen

If you haven’t already installed Radzen follow the installation instructions.

Step 1: Create and configure the application

Start Radzen by double clicking its icon. After it starts you will see the My Applications screen which shows all Radzen applications. Initially this screen will be empty. Time to change that!

  • Click the new button to go to the New Application screen.
  • Pick a theme. Radzen provides 12 visual themes out of the box.
  • Set the application name to Radzen Demo.
  • Finally specify the directory where the application will be stored.
  • Click the Create button to complete this step.

Step 2: Add an OData service

After finishing step 1 you will see again the My Applications screen with your application on it. Click the application to start editing it.

Click the data button in the upper right corner to add the OData service that your application will use.

This will open the My DataSources screen which allows you to add, edit and delete the data sources which your Radzen application uses. Initially this screen is empty. Click the new button to add a new data source.

  1. Select OData.
  2. Click use sample OData service. This will populate the form with the sample Radzen OData service. Alternatively input your own OData service.
  3. Click Next.

Radzen will then infer the entity schema and allow you to remove the entities you don’t need for the current application.

  1. Check Generte pages for CRUD operations. Radzen will then automatically generate pages for create, read, update and delete operations for all entities.
  2. Click the Finish button.

Step 3: Run the application

That’s it! We are ready to see what we have accomplished. Click the run button in the top right corner. Radzen will generate the code required to run the application (Angular components and services), build it and show the result in your browser:

If you hit a bug or want to get in touch please open an issue or send an email to info at radzen.com.

Make sure you are running the latest version: 1.6.0.