Rapid application development should be zen experience.

The web is moving fast and the technologies we use to build it evolve on a regular basis. It is getting harder and harder to keep up with the latest frameworks and trends. Not to mention supporting the wide variety of devices that access the web. Our mission is to make web application development easy and fun again.

Radzen hides the complexity of setting up the technology stack behind a familiar and user-friendly interface. It empowers developers to create first class web applications that look beautiful and work on every screen size

Our values

Customer success

Customer success is our top priority. We understand what you needs and struggles are. We always put customers in the center of our work.

Rapid support

We do our best to provide quick and accurate responses touser inquiries. Email and forum replies are almost instant

Always improving

Radzen is updated with new featuresand fixes every week so our customers can enjoy a productive development process.

Our journey

Our customers shape our timeline

First lines of code

Launch of www.radzen.com and first customer interviews

Public alpha and first users.

Radzen 1.0 is out the door - automatic page generation and MS SQL support.

The Radzen community forum is live.

MySQL, deployment to IIS, Azure and FTP. Active Directory authentication and more.

Celebrating the 100th release.

Happy Birthday to Radzen!

Radzen 2.0 is a fact.

Radzen Community is released so people can create beautiful web applications for free!

Ability to create Blazor application with Radzen.

Query Builder, Property Binding Picker and Oracle support added.

More themes, more wizards and more templates!


Vladimir Enchev

Vladimir co-founded Radzen and brought many years of technical experience with web and mobile. He leads the product development and has engineered most of the features you depend on today.

Before Radzen Vladimir lead various teams and divisions in Telerik including NativeScript, RadControls for Silverlight and WPF, RadControls for ASP.NET

Atanas Korchev

Atanas started Radzen in 2015 after seeing the need of a new solution for web app development. These days he works on customer success and growth while taking the occasional jab at technical tasks.

Atanas spent 11 years in Telerik leading the developer teams behind Kendo UI and RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax.

Get in touch

info@radzen.com +359 88 8860567
Mladost 1, bl. 49A, fl. 2,
Sofia, Bulgaria