Stay Ahead of the Curve with New Material 3 and Fluent UI Premium Themes

Radzen Blazor Studio has been the go-to choice for developers looking to build robust and visually appealing applications using Blazor. And now, it becomes more powerful with 3 additional themes to choose from. These are Material 3, Material 3 Dark and Flue...

Unleashing the Power of Themes in Radzen Blazor Studio

From global styles to local tweaks, Radzen Blazor Studio has you covered!

Free Material theme, new UI fundamentals, CSS variables and utility classes

The latest version of our open-source Radzen Blazor Components delivers major UI improvements across the board.

Raising the standard with a new Standard theme for Radzen Blazor Components

The Radzen team is happy to share with the community a new Standard theme for our free set of Blazor Components. The theme brings classic yet modern look and feel to Blazor applications.

New powerful Blazor DataGrid component from Radzen

We are happy to share that we’ve just released our brand new powerful Blazor DataGrid component with virtualization support, frozen columns, multiple columns sorting, improved filtering API and many more!