A Wealth of Development Advantages

Radzen Blazor Studio is a software development environment that empowers developers to design, build and deploy Blazor applications without the traditional hurdles. Write less code and get more done.

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Connect Data - Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

Experience the power of data integration.

Connect to Anything With an API

Want to work with REST services? Radzen Blazor Studio integrates with REST APIs, giving you the flexibility to incorporate external data sources effortlessly into your applications.

Consuming REST API

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Data Scaffolding

Quickly connect to your database - MSSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle or PostgreSQL.

Radzen Blazor Studio simplifies common procedures related to database data. Whether it's querying, updating, or managing data, Radzen provides a straightforward approach that doesn't require you to dive deep into C# intricacies.

See Databases Docs

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Radzen allows users to visualize data from many sources easily without hard-core programming.

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Design - Unleash Your Creativity

Deliver visually stunning and consistent user interfaces.

WYSIWYG, Code Less Approach

Visually edit pages and layouts by setting properties and adding new items or deleting existing ones. You have full control over application screens.

  • Intuitive drag and drop
  • Rich UI toolbox
  • Components’ inspector

Design Time Docs

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Leading Blazor UI Components

A set of 70+ components - open source and free for commercial use. The components are implemented in C# and take full advantage of the Blazor framework.

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Advanced Theming

With Radzen Blazor Studio you can either customize components’ look & feel globally or simply tweak indivudal component instances where necessary.

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Global styles are applied across the entire application, and are typically defined in a theme.

Radzen Blazor Studio features sets of free and premium themes including Material 3 and Fluent UI.


Swatches are a premium feature of Radzen Blazor Studio. Each theme contains a collection of predefined color swatches to pick from, including WCAG 2.2 AA compliant and High Contrast ones.

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Build amazing applications for any device by taking advantage of the fully-responsive layout capabilities.

Progressive Web App (PWA) support comes out of the box.

Responsive Page Layout

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Develop - Developers Love Radzen

Radzen Blazor Studio provides tons of productivity gains for Blazor developers.

Open technology stack

Radzen Blazor Studio is powered by popular open source technologies - ASP.NET Core, Blazor, Bootstrap, TypeScript.

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No vendor lock-in

The generated source code is human readable and you can build it with free tools.

Run your Radzen apps directly from Visual Studio Professional or Visual Studio Code.

Rich Toolbox

The toolbox lists all Blazor components in the opened application - both third party and built-in ones. It also includes commonly used HTML elements such as div, p, button et al.

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Built-in Wizards and Templates

Use the built-in wizards and templates to facilitate common tasks such as data scaffolding and page creation.

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Application Templates

Create Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly applications, supporting .NET6, .NET7, and latest .NET8.

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CRUD Templates

Scaffold a complete CRUD application in a few steps and generate CRUD pages from a set of templates.

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Effective User Management

Allow your users to create accounts, roles, sign in with passwords or Active Directory. Make parts of your applications accessible only to certain users.

  • Create Accounts
  • Assign Roles
  • Set Passwords
  • ASP.NET Core Identity, Azure AD, Windows credentials

See Security Docs

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Provide localized version of your application by visually editing resource files (.resx). Radzen shows translated content when the language changes.

See Localization Docs

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Built-in Data Export

Allow your users to export the data in the generated list pages.

  • Export to XLSX
  • Export to CSV
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Debugging allows you to see how your application behaves at runtime. You can step through your code and inspect the values of properties, fields and variables. You can also examine the execution path by stepping in and out of methods.

See Debugging Docs

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Rich Extensibility

You can manage methods and their statements of your Blazor components or C# classes via Radzen Blazor Studio’s Methods design mode.

  • Add custom business logic via the provided extension points.
  • Create custom UI components or use 3rd party ones.

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Deploy - 1-click Deploy

Quick deploy to IIS, Azure, and FTP.

Easy Deployment

Build your application for production and deploy it to IIS, Azure, and ZIP.

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Deployed at your premises

No need to publicly expose your secure datasources.

No hidden runtime costs

Since Radzen apps are deployed at your premises, there are no any hidden runtime costs.

Why Radzen? Speed of development, proven technologies and spectacular support and commitment from the Radzen team.

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Radzen is your ultimate partner in Blazor application development

Join the growing community of satisfied developers who trust Radzen to transform their ideas and data into powerful applications.