Radzen Blazor Studio

Radzen Blazor Studio 1.11.0 for macOS

Radzen Blazor Studio 1.11.0 for Windows

Radzen Blazor Studio 1.11.0 for Linux

Create Blazor web applications with a modern drag and drop environment. Add CRUD support for your MSSQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database in minutes. Connect to REST, OData and Swagger services.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Radzen Blazor Studio free?

Radzen Blazor Studio has free and premium features. The premium features are available during the 15 day trial period.

I am an existing Radzen customer. Do I get the premium features of Radzen Blazor Studio?

Radzen Blazor Studio is free for all Radzen Professional and Enterprise customers who had an active subscription when Radzen Blazor Studio released officially (November 16th 2022). Radzen subscriptions purchased after November 16th 2022 cannot be used to activate Radzen Blazor Studio. Radzen Blazor Studio subscriptions cannot be used to activate Radzen.

What editions does Radzen Blazor Studio have?

Radzen Blazor Studio has the following editions:

  • Community

    Includes all free features and community forum support. Premium features are disabled.

  • Professional

    Includes all premium features and dedicated support with 24 business hours guaranteed response time.

  • Enterprise

    Includes all premium features and dedicated support with 16 business hours guaranteed response time.

  • Trial

    Blazor Studio starts in Trial edition on first installation. Trial edition enables all premium features for 15 days. After 15 days Radzen Blazor Studio switches to Community edition.

What is the difference between Radzen and Radzen Blazor Studio?

All differences are listed in the differences from Radzen article.

Does the price include VAT?

Prices do not include VAT. Customers from EU will have VAT added to the price unless they enter a valid VAT ID during purchase.

Is subscription renewal automatic?

The renewal is automatic. It will recur after the subscription period ends. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I get an invoice?

You can download your invoice from the link included in your purchase confirmation email (the one that contains the license code).

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You benefit from automatic updates and dedicated customer support until the subscription period ends. This means that your subscription is active for one year after the purchase date even if you choose to cancel automatic renewal.

The Radzen Blazor Studio premium features are not available after the subscription period ends.

You can purchase a new subscription to reactive automatic updates, support and premium features.

Is the license perpetual?

Radzen Blazor Studio licenses are not perpetual. Premium features are deactivated after the subscription ends.

Does the license include support?

Radzen Blazor Studio Professional and Radzen Blazor Studio Enterprise include dedicated support over email during the subscription period. Send your questions to

How many licenses do I need?

Everybody who uses Radzen needs a license.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, get in touch at