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What's new



  • All views and stored procedures are checked by default when inferring a database. Only tables should be checked by default.
  • Stored procedures are incorrectly listed in the entity tree of CRUD pages.
  • License code validation fails in some cases.

Download v1.0.4



  • Define “RADZEN” compilation constant during design time builds. Developers can use #if !RADZEN blocks to hide code from a design time build.
  • Allow the user to copy page rendering exceptions.
  • Add links to the troubleshooting guide.


  • Some applications faild to build with error “method does not have an implementation”.
  • Invalid code is generated in some applications with Turkish localization.
  • Some Radzen.Blazor components (e.g. tab items) are not visible in design-time when their Visible property is set to an expression.
  • Applications that use AddDefaultIdentity faild to build in design-time.

Download v1.0.3



  • Display method parameter info in the code editor.
  • Improve autocomplete suggestions in razor files.
  • Improve RadzenBreadCrumb design time support.
  • Add a top level toolbox node for the Radzen.Blazor components.
  • No longer require picking a type argument for generic components. Use dynamic instead and infer it after a generic type property is set.
  • MySql updated to EF 7.
  • Disable Oracle databases until there is official EF 7 support from Oracle.


  • Cannot open WASM applications which do not have a server project.
  • Generated event handler name sometimes starts with “undefined”.
  • Exception during code generation if a table column name is “S”.
  • Inconsistent accessibility design time error.
  • Guid and database generated properties not included in the DataGrid columns during CRUD pages creation.

Download v1.0.2



  • Active license keys of some Radzen users do not work with Radzen Blazor Studio.
  • Long breadcrumb labels in the PropertyGrid wrap.

Download v1.0.1


First official release.

Download v1.0.0