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Get familiar with Radzen Blazor Studio and see its best features in action.

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1. Create new Blazor app

Create a new Blazor Server application, connect to a MS SQL server database and automatically generate CRUD pages.

2. Setup Security

Add authentication and authorization to your Blazor apps with a few clicks.

3. Add Localization

You can easily localize your Blazor application - add different cultures and change the UI messages by visually editing resource files (.resx).

4. Deploy

Internet Information Services (IIS) is a popular hosting option for Blazor applications. Radzen Blazor Studio makes deployment to IIS a breeze. You can also deploy to Azure, FTP server, ZIP file, or a folder.

5. Filter and Sort data

Radzen Blazor Studio generates service classes for database access. Your data is exposed as a set of methods that retrieve or manipulate data.

6. Debug

Debugging allows you to see how your application behaves at runtime. Step through your code and inspect the values of properties, fields and variables, or examine the execution path by stepping in and out of methods.

7. Customize appearance

The Appearance panel in Radzen Blazor Studio provides a comprehensive interface for easily customizing the global look and feel of your application in real time.

8. Add new pages and components

Radzen Blazor Studio provides a powerful design time UI for creating pages and adding Blazor components.

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Find us on YouTube ↗