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Development Manager
Enlace Digital

Radzen has been a key tool in our development department for building full stack applications and prototypes

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Our development schedules are reduced considerably and we have been able to extend and fully customize our applications to satisfy business needs.

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Chief Product Owner
adventics GmbH

Radzen rapidly became our it-management backbone.

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The time and money we invested before we switched to Radzen was significantly higher. Managing our always-evolving data structures is now much easier and reliable.

This piece of software, combined with the outstanding support we got through Radzen's forums and dedicated customer support helped us migrating all of our needs into a modern technology stack.

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Database Administrator / Front-end developer
Owen Mumford

I am certain that Radzen will continue to be a fundamental part for our application development for years to come.

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Radzen saves me days of developing and allows me to focus on developing the more complex components of our websites. Being able to generate CRUD pages at the click of a button from an existing database hugely accelerates the development process of a website.

The level of support is also outstanding as any significant errors in my applications that I spend hours trying to fix end up being solved by the support team in a matter of minutes.

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Application Developer
Pago AG

Radzen makes it incredibly easy to develop Web applications without having to write large amounts of code.

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Through Radzen's intuitive UI, connecting a database to your application is possible in just a few clicks.

We are very impressed by how fast new features and fixes are implemented. With Radzen, we can rely on a fast and excellent customer support.

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Software Developer/Director
Apps By Design

When an existing database is available functional CRUD pages can be generated and initially tested within a couple of minutes.

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We often use Radzen to quickly generate CRUD pages generally using SQL and the wizard makes it very fast and simple.

The PROS of Radzen (not in any particular order):

  • Annual Tooling Cost - When compared to other similar RAD tools annual costs are minimal
  • Deployment Cost - apps can be deployed to standard servers without additional licensing costs
  • Responsive Support - The support team typically responds to queries within a few hours.
  • Ongoing Tooling update- The support team regularly updates the Radzen tool as technology evolves with new features and bug fixes.
  • Generated code can be debugged using Visual studio and browser dev tools
  • Serverside and clientside code customizations
  • Integration with SQL stored procedures and JSON REST services.
  • Page generator wizards for common page types
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Chief Information Officer
Paragon Films

I highly recommend Radzen to anyone developing web applications, whether you are just getting started or already experienced doing it the hard way.

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Radzen automates the generation of a huge amount of code, saving us weeks off any web app project. We had been creating web applications using a C#.NET Core web service connecting to SQL server for data, exposing OData web services to an Angular front-end. Radzen creates code that is almost identical to the architecture we had been creating by hand, but the code is generated in seconds, rather than days or weeks to write all the models, controllers, and piping needed.

The assistance from Radzen’s team has been incredible! Responses to questions have been very fast, and even fixes or enhancements to the controls have come much quicker than we expected.

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Senior Project Manager
Digital Imaging and Consulting, Inc.

I highly recommend Radzen as a Cost/Effective Rapid Development Tool.

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As consultants we always try to find the best tools for Rapid Development to provide the best results (Cost/Benefits) to our customers. In 2010 we started using Microsoft Lightswith for rapid development with amazing results.

After Microsoft discontinued Lightswitch, we were checking for different options to find the right tool and Radzen was without a doubt the best choice for the following reasons:

  1. Open technology and zero dependencies - you can run your project from Visual Studio.
  2. Radzen staff provides amazing support. They reply emails in less than 24 hours. Sometimes you can get an answer in just minutes.
  3. Moving with the technology: .Net Core, Angular and Blazor. They are continuosly updating Radzen with the new versions, so your project is up to date with the latest technologies.
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Solution Architect
Mine IT

Why Radzen? Speed of development, proven technologies and spectacular support and commitment from the Radzen team.

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I'm a developer with more than 30 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies since .NET 1.0. Most of my projects have been Line of Business applications for the Mining and Energy industry.

I'm the solution architect of my own company and have a little team of developers making LOB and BI solutions with Power BI and Radzen. Previously we used Lightswitch and in our search for a better solution we selected Radzen.

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Director of IT

The Radzen approach is a successful business multiplier in a competitive development world. Anyone looking to build an application for their business should give Radzen a try, I believe they will be pleased with the result.

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MCORE typically develops small to medium sized applications for specific business needs for our customers. Radzen has decreased the time it takes to go from concept to pilot to a full production application. The customers are pleased with the response times when they ask for feature enhancements and additions, especially customers that are used to a more traditional application development life cycle. The two most impactful traits of Radzen include the ease of use of the tools (with minimal coding) and the amazing support response times from the Radzen support team. We have several projects that are in discussion now due to the success of the last couple of apps that we created with Radzen.

We have been using Radzen for about a year now and are confident we can stand behind what we build. Over that time Radzen has continually improved and evolved. They have released new features and bug fixes at an amazing rate. It's a nice change of pace to find a company that not only cares about their product but also the products created by their tools.

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Radzen contains all the features that Visual Studio LightSwitch developers need to make modern web applications.

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Technical director

We have been using Radzen sinze April 2017 and have been very impressed with both the productivity of the tool and the excellent support we have received from the team.

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So far we have used it to build a few internal applications and are now in the middle of developing a track and trace portal for our clients. I am a firm believer in not having to waste development time building plumbing and UI pages that can be generated from the underlying data store and with Radzen we have found a tool that gives us the productivity we require.

Every week the guys add features and controls that continue to help us develop the best angular web applications with minimal coding. Where we find a defect, it is normally fixed within the day. Having tried and purchased many design/code generators in the past, I wholeheartedly recommend Radzen as a cost-effective web RAD development tool.

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Project Manager
Animal Health International

Simple to use, easy client/server code debug with no cost industry tools. Radzen does the heavy lifting and puts the fun back in development.

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As project manager for PICS business group at Animal Health International, a Patterson Company my focus is inventory management. One of the offerings that I developed years ago was a Pharmacy Inventory Control System (PICS) utilizing the MS Lightswitch platform and jquery mobile. The simple solution enabled customers to perform inventory tasks and interface with Animal Health International SAP ERP implementation.

With Silverlight on the decline, I began to look for a new platform to port the solution. I first learned of Radzen from, an excellent resource. After a quick trial it became apparent that server side code, representing years of refinement, could be reused and the MS Lightswitch look and feel quickly replicated with Radzen.

With no working knowledge of Angular, and limited exposure to enterprise JS the initial conversion was complete within 2 months. This would not have been possible without the patience and expertise of the Radzen team.

Solution driven, never a question unanswered. Feature enhancements are so constant, it borders on the ridiculous. Need a new component, or a feature exposed on an existing component? Just ask. Done. Try that with any other IDE company on the market and you would be waiting months, or forever.

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System Analyst
City of Grand Junction

I used Microsoft LightSwitch for years until its demise in October, 2016. I am in the process of rewriting those applications in Radzen and now have six in production.

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The City of Grand Junction has used Radzen since May 2017. We are not a development shop but do occasionally write niche applications to support our employees.

The Radzen team has impressive customer support and is responsive to product improvement suggestions. Also, they often have bugs fixed within 24 hours. I have not experienced this level of support from any other company I've worked with.

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Software Specialist
NIAD Systems Inc.

Radzen allows users to visualize data from many sources easily without hard-core programming.

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Using Radzen I was able to implement a financial and social feed. Gathering data using Radzen's REST API's data source is easy. Displaying and shaping data using nested components and Radzen's template feature make powerful tools.

Currently I am using Radzen to prototype a mobile website and consume mock data through a fake REST API with just a little Java script to create the data. Since August I have found the Radzen team responds quickly to any issues encountered and makes informative suggestions to any inquiries.

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R & D Project Manager
SIER Group

The Radzen team is a great partner of our company. They provide fantastic support and constant improvements.

Project Manager
Arkiv Computing Sdn Bhd

Radzen is a top quality RAD product!

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Apart from the excellent customer support (particularly their thorough understanding of our problems), the time saving element of Radzen truly impressed us as we were able to accomplish our tasks in a timely and effective manner.

This has led us to confidently use Radzen for all our current and future application development.

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