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Elevate your design experience with Radzen Blazor Studio. Whether you're in the early design phase or refining the look and feel of your entire application, our intuitive UI components, themes and templates empower you to create visually stunning and consistent user interfaces.

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Material 3 Dark Theme

The Radzen approach is a successful business multiplier in a competitive development world. Anyone looking to build an application for their business should give Radzen a try, I believe they will be pleased with the result.

Director of IT @ MCORE

Consistency Across Every Pixel

Consistency is key to a memorable user experience.

Radzen Blazor Studio ensures a consistent look and feel throughout your application.

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Customize Globally or Tweak Individually

Take control of your design. Radzen Blazor Studio lets you customize components' look and feel globally for a consistent brand identity or tweak individual component instances for unique requirements.

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Designing for Whole Pages Made Easy

Go beyond components; design entire pages effortlessly. Radzen Blazor Studio empowers you to conceptualize and design complete page layouts, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience.

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Rapid Page Generation, Intuitive Modification

Generate a batch of base Razor pages with ease, providing a starting point for your creativity. Modify them effortlessly with Radzen Blazor Studio's intuitive UI, saving time without sacrificing customization.

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Themes to Suit Your Style and Design Language

Choose from a range of free and premium themes, including Fluent UI, Material 2, and Material 3 themes.

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Predefined color swatches to match your preferred aesthetic or accessibility needs

Each theme in Radzen Blazor Studio contains a collection of predefined color swatches to pick from.

WCAG 2.2 AA compliant and High Contrast color swatches are also available.

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Radzen is your ultimate partner in Blazor application development

Join the growing community of satisfied developers who trust Radzen to transform their ideas and data into powerful applications.