Features available now in Radzen Blazor Studio

Radzen Blazor Studio supports the following features:

  • Create a new Blazor server or WebAssembly application.
  • Scaffold models, Entity Framework contexts and CRUD services for MSSQL, Oracle, MySql, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.
  • Scaffold CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) pages.
  • Open an existing Blazor server or Blazor WebAssembly application. The application could be created with Radzen 2.x, Microsoft Visual Studio or the dotnet CLI.
  • Build and run.
  • Visually design a Blazor page or component - set Blazor component properties, add Blazor components and HTML elements from a toolbox. Handle events.
  • Support built-in and third party Blazor components. We have fully tested Radzen.Blazor. We have also tested a few popular commercial and open source vendors.
  • Add, edit and delete component properties and methods.
  • Create new empty pages.
  • Edit the source code of all files in the application.
  • Add ASP.NET Core security to a Blazor application. Optionally enable multi-tenancy (premium feature).
  • Add Azure Active Directory security to a Blazor application.
  • Add Windows security to a Blazor application..
  • Deployment to IIS, Azure, ZIP and folder (premium feature).
  • Page and application localization.
  • Visually changing the theme of an application that uses the Radzen.Blazor component library.
  • Customize the theme of an application that uses the Radzen.Blazor component library - change colors, import and export settings, use the built-in swatches.
  • Debug your Blazor application without leaving Radzen Blazor Studio.
  • Use wizards to quickly data-bind components to data.
  • Query builder - specify custom filter or sort expressions when making database service calls.

Planned features

These features are not yet available but are planned

  • Creating layouts and changing the layout of a page.
  • Azure ADB2C security.

Longer term features

These features will ship after the RTM.

  • Work with a REST service.
  • Ability to modify the existing templates or use custom ones.