Roadmap | Radzen Blazor Studio

Roadmap for 2024

Here are the major features we plan to deliver in 2024.

Accessibility improvements in the Radzen.Blazor component library

  1. WCAG 2.2 AA compatibility
  2. Keyboard navigation
  3. High-contrast palettes for the existing themes

✅ All accessibility improvements are available with Radzen Blazor Components v4.25.0. Read more about accessibility in components’ demos.

RTL support

Support for right-to-left text direction.

⚙️ This feature is currently in development.

MAUI support

We plan to release MAUI support in phases.

  1. Open an existing Blazor MAUI application, provide design time support for it and run the selected target.
  2. Create a new Blazor MAUI application with Radzen.Blazor components. Provide database, security and scaffolding support (would add a .NET server application to support that).
  3. Publish support - ability to build native applications and deploy them to AppStore and Google Play.

⚙️ The first phase of this feature has been released in Radzen Blazor Studio v1.21.0

Visual Studio Plugin

Plugin that provides some of Radzen Blazor Studio’s major features in the familiar Visual Studio environment!

Notable mentions:

  • Blazor design time support.
  • Component toolbox and property grid,
  • Database scaffolding.
  • Theme editor and access to premium themes.

The plugin would not be a separate product. The Radzen Blazor Studio subscription will include it. It would not require a Radzen Blazor Studio installation. The plugin will support only Visual Studio Community, Professional and Enterprise. Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio for Mac will not be supported.

⚙️ This feature is currently in development.