"Radzen does the heavy lifting and puts the fun back in development."

As project manager for PICS business group at Animal Health International, a Patterson Company my focus is inventory management. One of the offerings that I developed years ago was a Pharmacy Inventory Control System (PICS) utilizing the MS Lightswitch platform and jquery mobile. The simple solution enabled customers to perform inventory tasks and interface with Animal Health International SAP ERP implementation.

With Silverlight on the decline, I began to look for a new platform to port the solution. I first learned of Radzen from LightswitchHelpWebsite.com, an excellent resource. After a quick trial it became apparent that server side code, representing years of refinement, could be reused and the MS Lightswitch look and feel quickly replicated with Radzen.

With no working knowledge of Angular, and limited exposure to enterprise JS the initial conversion was complete within 2 months. This would not have been possible without the patience and expertise of the Radzen team.

Solution driven, never a question unanswered. Feature enhancements are so constant, it borders on the ridiculous. Need a new component, or a feature exposed on an existing component? Just ask. Done. Try that with any other IDE company on the market and you would be waiting months, or forever.

Project Manager @ Animal Health International