Blazor chart improvements

  • Stacked Area
  • Axis label rotation
  • Shared tooltip - a single tooltip for all series


September 2022

  • DataGrid self-reference hierarchy, save/load settings, multiple cell selection and density.
  • DataFilter component.
  • CSS variables for all themes.
  • DropDown and DropDownDataGrid chips support.

July 2022

  • Ability to specify Tab position.
  • DataGrid column picker.

April 2022

  • Blazor BreadCrumb component added.

March 2022

  • MSSQL data source special infer settings persisted in the data source meta.
  • Blazor DataGrid improvements including Sort, Group, Filter and Page events, HideGroupedColumn property and ShowMultiColumnSortingIndex property.

February 2022

  • Blazor DataGrid Column Picker added.
  • Blazor DataGrid GroupRowExpand/GroupRowCollapse events added.

January 2022

  • Blazor DataGrid GroupRowRender event added with ability to collapse/expand groups.
  • Composite columns support added for Blazor DataGrid.
  • Blazor Pager HorizontalAlign property added.
  • Added Blazor DataGrid grouping support when virtualizing IQueryable.

December 2021

  • SQLite support added for Angular and Blazor with .NET5/6.
  • Blazor DataGrid IsNull/IsNotNull filtering support added.
  • Merged header/footer cells using HeaderCellRender and FooterCellRender events in Blazor DataGrid.
  • Blazor Tab component TabPosition property added.
  • Option to specify custom page names on data source infer.
  • Added RadzenLayout Blazor component.

November 2021

  • .NET 6 support added.
  • CellContextMenu event added for Blazor DataGrid.
  • DataGrid InLine edit template single row edit option added for server Blazor applications.
  • New Standard theme added for Blazor.
  • Added support for multiple values filter for Blazor DataGrid.

October 2021

  • Blazor Pager, DataGrid and DataList ShowPagingSummary and PagingSummaryFormat properties added.
  • DataGrid for Blazor GroupFootersAlwaysVisible property added.
  • Added DisabledProperty & VisibleProperty parameters and support for data parameter field binding for Blazor RadioButtonList.
  • Added Blazor Chart SeriesClick event.

September 2021

  • Group totals added to Blazor DataGrid.
  • Blazor Tabs will be switched using JavaScript when TabRenderMode is Client

August 2021

  • Blazor DataGrid columns reorder added.
  • Group by column added to Blazor DataGrid.

July 2021

  • Splitter component added for Blazor.
  • Blazor Badge component added.
  • Blazor DataGrid EmptyTemplate added.
  • Postgre generated columns support added for both Angular and Blazor.
  • DialogOptions AutoFocusFirstElement property added for Blazor.
  • Added option to disable EF query tracking for server-side Blazor applications.

June 2021

  • Tabs component for Blazor RenderMode property added.
  • Blazor DataGrid IsLoading property added.
  • ListBox, DropDown and DropDownDataGrid for Blazor virtualization support added.
  • Blazor DropDownDataGrid frozen columns support added.
  • Tree for Blazor CheckBoxes support added.
  • Blazor Pager, DataGrid and DataList PageSizeOptions property added.
  • Added SummaryTemplate to Fieldset and Panel Blazor components.

May 2021

  • Sorts and Filters added to Blazor DataGrid LoadDataArgs.
  • Added IsBusy property and spinning indicator to Blazor Button.
  • New DataGrid component (RadzenDataGrid) for Blazor added. Virtualization and frozen columns support, better sort and filter API and more!

April 2021

  • Client-side form validation with action for Blazor.
  • Ability to show busy dialog in Blazor applications.
  • Blazor Numeric value formatting support.
  • Exposed more stored procedures types that will return collection.
  • Parent cultures added to Radzen Internationalization settings.

March 2021

  • Blazor DataGrid LogicalFilterOperator added to specify and/or when filter by multiple columns.
  • ShowUpDown property added to Blazor Numeric component.
  • Overwrite existing pages option added to security settings.
  • Blazor DatePicker and DataGrid DateTimeOffset support added.

February 2021

  • DropDownDataGrid lookup columns support and filter by all string columns for both Angular and Blazor.
  • Blazor DataGrid column resizing support added.
  • Menu responsive mode support added.
  • MSSQL numeric fields precision and scale support added.
  • Blazor DataGrid multiple selection support added.
  • Items from data support added for Blazor CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList and SelectBar.

January 2021

  • Optimistic concurrency support added for Blazor applications.
  • Updated to Radzen.Blazor 3.0 with new themes.
  • Pager component added for Blazor.
  • Angular Switch component added.

December 2020

  • Blazor DataGrid merged cells support added using CellRender event colspan and rowspan attributes.
  • Application ignore list support for security meta json pages added for Blazor applications.
  • Blazor Upload support for custom HTTP headers added.

November 2020

  • Blazor Switch component added.
  • Angular security session refresh option added.
  • .NET 5 support added for Blazor and Angular applications.
  • Blazor WYSIWYG Editor component added.
  • Blazor ColorPicker component added.
  • Custom files support in Radzen.

October 2020

  • Blazor DataGrid FilterMode added. CRUD pages will use advanced filter mode by default.
  • Mask component for Blazor.
  • Swagger data source for Blazor.
  • Search and export support added for Blazor CRUD pages.
  • Fluent theme added.

September 2020

  • Blazor context menu added.
  • Tooltip added for Blazor.
  • Blazor Gauge component added.
  • Blazor Upload files preview added.
  • Added MouseEnter and MouseLeave events for all Blazor components.

August 2020

  • Confirmation dialog added for Blazor.
  • AzureAD authentication for Blazor WebAssembly applications added.
  • CRUD pages support for REST data sources added.
  • Export of MSSQL stored procedures support added for Blazor.
  • Blazor CRUD pages confirm to delete and built-in confirm dialog added.

July 2020

  • Blazor built-in multi-tenancy.
  • Windows Authentication.
  • MaterialDark theme.
  • Page Change event added for Blazor. Will be raised on every page or global property change.

June 2020

  • Material theme.
  • Ability to create properties available in all pages for Blazor applications.
  • Oracle data source for Blazor and Angular .NET Core 3.x.
  • Blazor Scheduler component added.
  • Security for Blazor WebAssembly applications.

May 2020

  • Blazor WebAssembly application type.
  • BarChart type added for Blazor.
  • GoogleMap component for Blazor
  • Azure AD and Azure AD B2C security support for Blazor applications.
  • Keyboard support for AutoComplete, DropDown, DropDownDataGrid and ListBox Blazor components.
  • DonutChart type added for Blazor.
  • Slider component added for Blazor.

April 2020

  • Fine-tune the database scaffolding.
  • RegexValidator component.
  • DataGrid filter menu localization support.
  • Blazor property binding picker.
  • TemplateForm auto-generate from schema.

March 2020

  • Deploy Angular and Blazor applications to Azure.
  • Blazor Chart component.
  • Blazor DropDownDataGrid columns support.

February 2020

  • Blazor FileInput MaxFileSize and Error event added.
  • Blazor https support during application development added.
  • Ability to overwrite Blazor component TItem and TValue using attributes.

January 2020

  • Step component for Blazor.
  • Blazor DataGrid cells and rows conditional styles.
  • Blazor popup validators.

December 2019

  • Blazor DataGrid column FilterTemplate.
  • OData data source for Blazor.
  • Blazor Active Directory security.

November 2019

  • Tree component added for Blazor.
  • Custom, reusable components for Blazor.
  • Custom attributes support for all Angular and Blazor components.
  • Save/load deploy settings.
  • Theme customization from Radzen Studio.
  • Upload component for Blazor.

October 2019

  • Excel and CSV export for Blazor.
  • DataGrid inline editing.
  • MySQL data source for Blazor.

September 2019

  • Blazor REST datasource added.
  • Blazor AutoComplete, CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList, SelectBar, SplitButton, Accordion, Rating and ProgressBar components added.
  • Blazor Internationalization (i18n) support added.
  • DataGrid with Form page template added.

August 2019

  • Blazor DropDownDataGrid, DatePicker and Menu components added.
  • Invoke custom method support added for Blazor.
  • Blazor DataGrid column filter as you type added.
  • DateFormat option added for auto-generated CRUD pages in Blazor applications.

July 2019

  • Blazor Master/Detail page templates.
  • Notifications for Blazor.
  • Blazor SQL Server Reporting Services viewer with proxy support.
  • Query builder for Blazor with multiple sorting and nested filters.

June 2019

  • Security for Blazor applications.
  • Multiple selection for Blazor DropDown component.
  • MSSQL data-source stored procedures support added for Blazor applications.
  • Native Blazor designer added for Radzen Studio.
  • Data annotation validation support added for Blazor applications.
  • Ignore list support added for Blazor applications.

May 2019

  • Signature component.
  • Specify what tables to scaffold and what to skip.
  • Pick what pages to generate per table - list, edit, add etc.
  • Deploy Blazor applications to IIS, FTP & ZIP.
  • Upgrade to latest Angular and PrimeNG.

April 2019

  • Oracle data-source.
  • New application themes.

March 2019

  • Property binding editor added.

February 2019

  • Query builder filter logical operator and hierarchy support added.

January 2019

  • SSRSViewer component support added to Blazor projects.
  • Query builder added for invoke data source method action for MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL data sources. Available for GET requests only with collection returned as response.
  • (Blazor) DataList, ListBox, Password, LengthValidator, CompareValidator and NumericRangeValidator new components added.
  • Implement invoke custom method.

December 2018

  • Ignore list added.
  • Blazor (server-side) experimental support added.

November 2018

  • Form design time support via new TemplateForm component.
  • Validator components (RequiredValidator, CompareValidator, LengthValidator, NumericRangeValidator).
  • New input components (Rating, FileInput, Password, DropDownDataGrid).

October 2018

  • Radzen Community Edition added.

September 2018

  • Optimistic concurrency support added for MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL data-sources.
  • Sparklines, Gauge and ProgressBar new components added.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Duplicate components added in design-time.

August 2018

  • GoogleMap component.
  • MSSQL Stored Procedures with Output parameters support added.
  • Export to Excel and CSV.
  • Support for Azure AD 1 authentication needed by Microsoft Dynamics.

July 2018

  • New Default and Dark application themes.
  • Windows authentication and LocalDB suppport for Microsoft SQL Server data-sources.
  • Improved DataGrid filtering UX.

June 2018

  • Master detail templates added.
  • Layouts and layout components (Body, Header, Footer, ContentContainer, Menus, etc.).
  • Multi-column Form component.
  • Application assets and Image component.
  • Icon, Link, Heading and Gravatar components.

May 2018

  • Visual Basic support added for .NET Core 2.x applications.

April 2018

  • Password reset implemented.
  • Angular apps are now PWA ready.

March 2018

  • Add support to run Radzen applications seamlessly from Visual Studio.
  • Composite primary key support for .NET Core 2.x projects.
  • Default SQL values support added.
  • Optional email confirmation during user registration.
  • .NET Core 2.x support added.
  • UI to download and install .NET Core from Radzen.

February 2018

  • Implement Steps (wizard) component.
  • Support for Google OAuth.

January 2018

  • PostgreSQL support added.
  • DataGrid grouping support added.
  • New data dialog and new CRUD page improved with settings for paging, sorting, filtering, etc.