New Application Themes

Full form design time support

Ability to create composite forms via Radzen’s powerful drag and drop design time experience. Includes a new TemplateForm component and various validators - required, email, compare etc.

Blazor POC

Proof of concept with Blazor.


Oracle data-source (depending on Entity Framework Core provider availability:

UX improvements

Data-binding editor

The current way of data-binding via ${} expressions is really powerful and provides a lot of control.

This feature will allow the developer to visually data-bind component properties - pick from the existing page properties or define new ones.

Page templates and wizards

More page templates to simplify the creation of common pages - search with data grid, data grid and form et. al.

OData query builder

Right now one has to manually enter OData query operators which isn’t ideal.

This feature will Provide user-friendly UI for setting the query parameters of a data source invoke operation.

Reusable components

Create mini-pages that can be reused. Compose in other reusable components or pages. Set properties from the property grid.

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