"How Do I" Video Tutorials.

Learn quickly how to build and deploy web applications in minutes.

1. Connect to data

Connect to your MS SQL Server database and scaffold a fully working CRUD application from it.
2. Display and format data
Display and format tabular data with the Radzen DataGrid component.
3. Sort, filter and page
Sort, filter and page data with the Radzen DataGrid component.
How to add, edit, update and delete records using the Radzen CRUD page template.
5. Master and detail
Display data hierarchy using the the master-detail page template.
6. Lookups
How to get and display foreign key relationships as lookups in Radzen.
7. Application security
Setup application security and generate pages for login and user management.
8. Concurrency
Enable optimistic concurrency to prevent conflicting record updates.
9. Cascade deletes
Specify the cascading delete behavior of your Radzen application.
10. Deploy
Deploy your application to Microsoft IIS, FTP server or ZIP file.
11. Pass a parameter to a page
Pass a parameter when navigating to a page or open a page as dialog.
12. Customize application navigation
Customize application navigation. Side navigation, top navigation, sub-items and more.
13. Create a search screen
Create a search as you type with TextBox, DataGrid and powerful query builder using complex filter expressions with multiple properties.
14. Set default values when adding new records
Create CRUD pages and set default Form field values when adding new records.
15. Write validation rules with business logic
How to add validation when adding or updating records to your Radzen application using validator components, custom expressions and partial classes with custom business logic.
16. Add calculated column to the DataGrid component
Add a calculated column to the DataGrid component in Radzen and enable sorting and filtering by calculation result.
17. Display joined data from multiple tables
Return and display joined data from multiple tables in Radzen application using custom methods.
18. Conditional styling and formatting
How to style conditionally DataGrid cells depending on cell value.
19. Export to Excel and CSV
Export a DataGrid component to Excel or CSV and preserve the grid filtering and sorting.
20. Add SQL Server Reporting Services Report
How to add SQL Server Reporting Services Report to your Radzen applciation. Add parameters, enable proxy, customize the report request and more.
21. Display many to many relationship data
Display many to many relationship data using junction table and expand queries.
22. Bind property values using property picker dialog
How to bind and format property values visually using property picker dialog.
23. Create cascading lookup fields
Cascading lookup fields in Form component when adding new records.
24. Create new Blazor CRUD application with Radzen
How to create new Blazor CRUD application from Microsoft SQL Server database using Radzen.
25. Blazor DataGrid conditional styles for rows and cells
How to style Radzen Blazor DataGrid rows and cells conditionally.
26. Export Blazor DataGrid to Excel
How to export Radzen Blazor DataGrid to Excel and CSV.
27. Three level DataGrid hierarchy for Blazor
How to display Northwind Customers, Orders and OrderDetails using three level DataGrid hierarchy.