ASP.NET Core + Angular and Blazor application templates

Ready to use Microsoft Visual Studio solution for database administration, security, user management, multitenancy and more.

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Radzen features at a glance

Database administration

Fully working database administration application for your Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database.

Security & User Management

Built-in templates for your application security and user management with Active Directory and ASP.NET Core Identity support.

Master/Detail, Many-to-many, Lookups and joined data

Radzen helps you to create in no time pages for displaying master/details, many to many relationships, lookups and joined data from multiple tables.

Beautiful application UI with 16 ready-to-use Bootstrap themes

Choose your theme with single click and customize every aspect of your application UI easily with simple CSS.

Layouts and master pages

Layouts for your application pages with navigation menus, headers, footers and common content.

Built-in localization and internationalization

Extend your application with multiple languages localization.

60+ reusable Angular and Native Blazor UI components

Save your time and focus on your business requirements with our FREE UI components.

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Step 1
Start with data

Connect to your database and create a fully functional web application generated from our templates.

Connect to data (5:18)
Step 2

Add additional pages or edit the generated ones. The familiar drag-and-drop interface makes it a breeze by previewing your changes instantly.

Visual designer (5:03)
Step 3
Run & deploy

Run or deploy your application with just a single click to IIS, FTP or Azure. No coding required.

Run and deploy (4:54)
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