A new era for Blazor development

Last week I tweeted a short video previewing a prototype we have been busy with.

Long story short - we decided to double down on our Blazor investment and build an even more powerful IDE! It is dubbed “Radzen 3” and here is why it is important to you as a Blazor developer.

WYSIWYG design time experience

Radzen 3 will allow you to visually develop your existing Blazor applications. Just open your Visual Studio solution and get up to work. Here is what the Radzen 3 prototype can do with the default Blazor server template created by running dotnet new blazorserverside.

Rich component toolbox

Radzen will list all Blazor components used by your project (including any third party ones) and allow you to visually set their properties. We aim for supporting the most popular open source and commercial libraries. And of course top-notch Radzen.Blazor integration.

Here is the Radzen.Blazor sample application.

Radzen.Blazor sample application in Radzen 3

Here is the sample application of another Blazor component vendor.

Other verndor's sample application in Radzen 3

Powerful scaffolding capabilities

Radzen 3 will allow you to

  • Generate CRUD and Security pages (Identity Server, Azure AD etc.).
  • Scaffold data services and OData controllers.
  • Add custom code generation templates to bring in your own architecture and or data access framework.

How is this different than the current version of Radzen

The list is probably longer but here are the top entries:

  1. Open any Blazor application (server or WebAssembly).
  2. Radzen 3 does not rely on a meta directory and JSON files. It works with .razor and .cs files directly.
  3. The code generation ignore list is no longer needed because Radzen 3 scaffolds code only once.
  4. If you need to make a quick code edit you can now do it directly in Radzen.

We don’t have a public build to share with you yet! There are quite a lot of things to implement before releasing the first CTP release.

Meanwhile you can come by our forum and tell us what you think. Or send an email to info@radzen.com.

Stay healthy!

Leverage Radzen on LinkedIn

Yes, we are on LinkedIn and you should follow us!

Now, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise by adding Radzen Blazor Studio and Radzen Blazor Components as skills to your LinkedIn profile. Present your skills to employers, collaborators, and clients.

All you have to do is go to our Products page on LinkedIn and click the + Add as skill button.

by Atanas Korchev

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