Angular 10, Azure AD for Blazor WebAssembly, Confirm dialog and more

Fall is almost here but it's still hot outside and we have a hot list of new Radzen additions for you!

Angular 10 support

We released a beta version with Angular 10 support. If you haven't tried it already and Angular is your cup of tee please download it from the links in the aforementioned thread. The more users test their Radzen applications with Angular 10 the better.

Azure AD Authentication for Blazor WebAssembly

By popular demand Azure AD Authentication is now available for Blazor WebAssembly applications.

Confirm dialog for Blazor

A confirm dialog was one of the highly requested features for our Radzen.Blazor component library. It made its debut this month! Of course the CRUD templates in Radzen make full use of it.

Bonus: A Blazor Gauge component will soon join our FREE native Blazor components! Here is a sneak peak straight from the development!

Download Radzen now and check the roadmap to find out what’s next.

Enjoy & stay safe!

Leverage Radzen on LinkedIn

Yes, we are on LinkedIn and you should follow us!

Now, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise by adding Radzen Blazor Studio and Radzen Blazor Components as skills to your LinkedIn profile. Present your skills to employers, collaborators, and clients.

All you have to do is go to our Products page on LinkedIn and click the + Add as skill button.

by Vladimir Enchev

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