Blazor Active Directory security, OData data source, DataGrid FilterTemplate and more

We are excited to share the latest updates in Radzen!

Active Directory security

Radzen Blazor applications now support authentication and authorization against existing Microsoft Active Directory.

OData data source

We are happy to share that Blazor applications in Radzen recently got a very important and highly requested feature: OData data source with AzureAD authentication!.

DataGrid column filter template

Custom filter template can be defined now for all Blazor DataGrid columns! This allows you to customize the filtering appearance in your Blazor DataGrid.

Conditional cells and rows styles for DataGrid

Style your Blazor DataGrid cells and rows conditionally (depending on data) using quick rules in CellRender/RowRender events!

Major validators update

Validate your data with Radzen’s required, numeric range, length, compare and email validators!

Bonus: Upcoming Chart for Blazor!

We are working on a native Blazor chart, built from the ground up! We will release a preview version in the coming months. Here is a quick peek showing multiline series (line and spline):

Also be sure to check the Radzen roadmap to find what’s next and as always stay awesome!

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by Vladimir Enchev

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