Blazor authentication and authorization with customizable user management pages

We are happy to announce that Blazor applications in Radzen just got a very important upgrade: authentication and authorization support with customizable user management pages!

Authentication and Authorization


With a few simple steps you can enable security for your Radzen application and generate pages for roles and user management. Radzen security relies on ASP.NET Core Identity and needs a MSSQL or PostgreSQL data source to be configured in order to persist the users and roles. The built-in security provides the following features:

  • Login and registration of new users.
  • Ability to define user roles.
  • Specify the level of access for pages - everybody, authenticated users or members of a role.
  • Add custom properties to the user entity.

Customizable User Management pages


Once generated the pages for roles and user management are fully customizable in the Radzen WYSIWYG Blazor designer. When security is enabled Radzen will allow you to specify which users can access a page. If a user doesn’t have access to certain page it will not appear in the application navigation. If the user enters that page URL manually in the browser he or she will see a generated unauthorized page.

If you still haven’t tried Radzen you can get the latest bits from here. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us! Send an email to info at or post in our forum.


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by Vladimir Enchev

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