Blazor .NET 5 support, WYSIWYG Editor, ColorPicker, Angular security session refresh and more

Holiday season is almost here and we are sharing the latest Radzen November additions with you.

Blazor WYSIWYG Editor

By popular demand we implemented Blazor WYSIWYG Editor! Check the Editor documentation for more info about various configuration options, tools and more!

Full .NET 5 support for Blazor applications

Full .NET 5 support was added to Radzen Blazor applications and our FREE and native Blazor components! Security with .NET Identity, Active Directory, Windows, Azure AD and Azure AD B2C. Deploy to IIS, Azure and more!

ColorPicker and Switch Blazor components

ColorPicker and Switch joined our FREE and native Blazor components!

Navigation parameters

You can now add parameters to PanelMenu and Menu items in both Angular and Blazor applications.

Dozens of new features and improvements

  • (Blazor) Allow same role names across tenants in multi-tenancy mode.
  • (Blazor) Custom security policy setting added to page properties.
  • (Blazor) Export of DataGrid lookup columns support added.
  • (Blazor) Merge style set as a custom attribute with the options set from the property grid.
  • (Angular) Security session refresh option added.
  • and many more!

Download Radzen now and check the roadmap to find out what’s next.

Stay safe!

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by Vladimir Enchev

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