Blazor WebAssembly, AzureAD, GoogleMap, BarChart, DonutChart, Slider and many more

We were busy this month and have prepared a huge list of new features for you.

WebAssembly application type added

Microsoft released officially Blazor WebAssembly and you can now use Radzen to create cutting edge web applications without writing code.

Azure AD Support

Radzen server-side Blazor applications support authentication and authorization against Azure AD and Azure AD B2C.

BarChart and DonutChart

Bar and Donut series were added to our FREE Blazor Chart component due to popular demand. 

GoogleMap for Blazor

Visually set the center, zoom, markers and respond to events using our new GoogleMap component for Blazor.


A Slider component also joined our native Blazor component suite. You can configure step, minimum and maximum, range and more!

Bonus: Scheduler component for Blazor is in the works

We are working on yet another free Blazor component - a powerful Scheduler. Stay tuned!

Download Radzen now and check the roadmap to find out what’s next.

Stay productive and healthy!

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by Vladimir Enchev

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