Build web applications with Radzen, Blazor and C#. No JavaScript required!

Last month Microsoft announced that Blazor will be an officially supported framework in .NET Core (No longer experimental! Yay!) and we are thrilled to announce that using Radzen’s latest update you can create Blazor web applications built against .NET Core 3.0.


Blazor lets you build interactive web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript. While Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code do not offer design-time support for Blazor you can use Radzen to create your desired UI visually with drag and drop. You can set component properties, specify style and add events via the powerful property grid. What you see in the designer is what you will get when you run the application.


To help you kick start your project the Radzen toolbox is loaded with a bunch of FREE native Blazor components and we are working actively to add even more!


With this release Radzen templates will use a single Visual Studio project with a CRUD service accessing directly the Entity Framework DbContext to get, update, delete and add records.


The DataGrid component uses IQueryable for paging, sorting and filtering which means it fetches only the relevant data from your database.


We also added support to deploy to IIS, FTP and ZIP to help you publish your application in seconds.


If you still haven’t tried Radzen you can get the latest bits from here. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us! Send an email to info at or post in our forum.


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by Vladimir Enchev

Happy 2nd birthday to Radzen!

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