Connect to Google Drive using Angular, REST services, OAuth and Radzen

This blog post demonstrates how to create an Angular app with Radzen that will access Google Drive using OAuth authorization!

  1. Create new OAuth credentials in Google Console for Web Application: google-console1.png google-console2.png google-console3.png
  2. Create REST data-source with OAuth authorization in Radzen with following settings:
    • End point:
    • ClientID: Your ClientID from step 1.
    • Authorization Url:
    • Scope: google-drive1.png google-drive2.png google-drive3.png
  3. Create new page, call getFiles() method on Page Load event and assign ${result.files} to files variable. google-drive4.png
  4. Drag and drop DataGrid component from Radzen toolbox, bind it to files and add desired columns. google-drive5.png
  5. Run the application, login using your Google credentials and browse your Drive files and folders. google-drive6.png google-drive7.png


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by Vladimir Enchev

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