CRUD Blazor applications with Radzen

We are excited to share with you that experimental Blazor support has landed in Radzen v2.8.0! For now we support only CRUD page generation but other features will follow.

Bear in mind that Blazor is still experimental and so is the current Radzen support. Feature parity with Radzen Angular applications will be reached once Microsoft releases Blazor officially in .NET Core 3.0 (Q1 2019).

Here are a few screenshots from a CRUD Blazor application that was created with Radzen and uses our brand new native Blazor components:

You can scaffold complete CRUD applications from your Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL database and continue the development in Visual Studio using only C#!


Here is a quick FAQ regarding Blazor support in Radzen:

Does Radzen support client-side or server-side Blazor?

Radzen currently supports server-side Blazor (a.k.a. Razor components) because Microsoft will release it first.

Can I migrate my existing Radzen Angular application to Blazor?

Not yet. Your current Radzen application is probably relying on features that are not available yet.

What UI components are you using in Radzen Blazor applications?

We are developing a brand new suite of native Blazor components. Native means that we don’t wrap existing JS libraries - everything is 100% Blazor code compatible with Blazor data-binding, templates and event handling.

When will component X be available in Radzen Blazor applications?

We will gradually implement the remaining components from the Radzen toolbox.

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by Atanas Korchev

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