Designing custom forms with Radzen

Radzen has supported forms since its very first release. The faithful Form component also got some improvements such as multi-column support and popup lookups. Still in some cases it wasn’t enough as Radzen users needed full control over the form layout in order to add Tabs, DataGrids, Steps or any other component from the toolbox.

Today all this becomes possible in Radzen 2.7.0 via the introduction of the new TemplateForm component!

Custom forms

The main use-case of the new TemplateForm component is to allow you to create any form design you can imagine.

New validator components

To support the TemplateForm we have introduced the following brand new validator components:

  • RequiredValidator - will display an error message if the target component is empty.
  • CompareValidator - checks if the value of a component is equal to a specified value or the value of another component.
  • NumericRangeValidator - ensures the value falls within some specified numeric range.
  • LengthValidator - verifies the value of the target component is within specified string length.

Convert existing forms

We also allow you to convert existing Form components to TemplateForm with a single click. This allows you to customize your existing forms without starting from scratch.


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by Atanas Korchev

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