DataGrid multi-select and column resize, CheckBox/RadioButtonList and SelectBar data-bind and more

We've collected a great list of new features added this month to our powerful, free and open-source Blazor components!

DataGrid multi-select and column resize

By popular demand we've added multiple rows selection and column resizing to the DataGrid component!

CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList and SelectBar data-binding

You can populate now CheckBoxList, RadioButtonList and SelectBar items from data!

DropDownDataGrid lookup columns support and filter by all string columns

You can add now lookup columns and filter easily by all string properties using DropDownDataGrid for both Angular and Blazor!

Angular and Blazor Menu component responsive mode

Menu component received responsive mode for both Angular and Blazor!

.NET 5 is now default for new applications in Radzen for both Angular and Blazor

Download Radzen now, check the changelog for more info what’s new and our roadmap to find out what’s next!

Stay safe!

by Vladimir Enchev

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