Fluent theme, DataGrid advanced filtering, Swagger data source, search and export for CRUD and more

October is almost over and as usual we are sharing the latest Radzen additions with you.

Fluent theme

We implemented a brand new premium theme inspired by Microsoft's Fluent Design System. You can use it in your Blazor and Angular applications.

Blazor DataGrid advanced filtering

By popular demand we implemented advanced DataGrid column filtering. You no longer need to create complex filtering UI for your end users!

Search and export for CRUD pages

We created the long-awaited Search page template. In addition you can now enable Excel and CSV export during database scaffolding.

Swagger data source for Blazor

Radzen Blazor applications can now connect to Swagger services.

Blazor Mask component

The Mask component joined our FREE Blazor component suite!

Bonus: A Blazor WYSIWYG HTML editor component is coming too!

Download Radzen now and check the roadmap to find out what’s next.

Stay safe!

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by Vladimir Enchev

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