Introducing the Blazor WYSIWYG design time

Last week we were very excided to share an important breaktrough in Radzen:

Today we are happy to announce that native Blazor WYSIWYG design time experience is now available with the release of Radzen 2.18!

What does that even mean?

Let me show you.

  1. Ability to use .NET expressions and get instant preview. blazor-designer-expressions.gif
    <RadzenCard ref="card0">
        <RadzenHeading ref="heading0" Size="H3" Text="The current time is:">
        <RadzenHeading ref="heading1" Size="H3" Text="@DateTime.Now.ToShortTimeString()">
  2. Develop complex user interfaces visually. Avoid repetition by using the common editor operations - cut, copy, paste, duplicate, undo and redo. blazor-designer-complex-form.png
  3. Check how the application would look on a mobile device. blazor-designer-mobile-device.gif

This all completes the Radzen Blazor offering quite well.

You can now scaffold a complete Blazor application from your existing database:

  • CRUD page generation spares you the pain of creating similar screens.
  • The built-in security powered by ASP.NET Identity provides the most common features - login, user and role management, permissions.
  • Now the WYSIWYG designer instantly previews your changes and multiplies your productivity.


by Atanas Korchev

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