New powerful Blazor DataGrid component from Radzen

We are happy to share that we’ve just released our brand new powerful Blazor DataGrid component with virtualization support, frozen columns, multiple columns sorting, improved filtering API and many more!


Virtualization allows you to render large amounts of data on demand. The RadzenDataGrid component uses Entity Framework to query the visible data. Just set the AllowVirtualization property to true. Requires .NET Core 5.0+. RadzenDataGrid supports virtualization with custom data-binding scenarios as well - handle the LoadData event as usual.


Frozen columns

Lock columns to prevent them from scrolling out of view via the Frozen property.


Multiple columns sorting and column sort API

You can allow now multiple column sorting if you set AllowMultiColumnSorting to true. You can set also the initial column sort order using SortOrder column property.


Filtering API

Set the initial filter of your RadzenDataGrid via the FilterValue and FilterOperator column properties.


Radzen support

The new DataGrid component will be added to Radzen after a month. Only newly created pages will use it though - existing ones will not be updated automatically.

We would love to hear your feedback in the meantime!


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by Vladimir Enchev

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