Accessibility-compliant UI Components

Our latest updates bring a host of new accessibility features to our UI components. With these new features, we aim to help you make digital experiences more inclusive and equitable for everyone.

WAI-ARIA attributes

ARIA attributes provide additional information to assistive technologies, making complex widgets and interactions more understandable and navigable for users with disabilities.

Keyboard navigation

Clear and consistent focus styles are applied to interactive elements to enhance usability and accessibility.

WCAG 2.2 AA compliant color palettes

Radzen Blazor Components now contain a set of complementary WCAG AA compliant color sets for each one of the available themes. The palettes are available with our free Radzen.Blazor NuGet package as well as a part of the Theme Swatches in Radzen Blazor Studio.

Radzen Blazor Components - WCAG 2.2 AA compliant colors

HighContrast color swatches

High contrast colors make content and apps easier to see and quicker to read.

The HighContrast swatches are available in Radzen Blazor Studio with an active Radzen Professional or Enterprise subscription.

Radzen Blazor Components - High contrast colors

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Leverage Radzen on LinkedIn

Yes, we are on LinkedIn and you should follow us!

Now, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise by adding Radzen Blazor Studio and Radzen Blazor Components as skills to your LinkedIn profile. Present your skills to employers, collaborators, and clients.

All you have to do is go to our Products page on LinkedIn and click the + Add as skill button.

by Vasil Yordanov

Code Inspection and Action List

Radzen Blazor Studio now provides code inspections. These inspections detect and highlight code issues in design time in all opened files.
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