Radzen Blazor Studio — 7 major new features

A couple of months have passed since the official release of Radzen Blazor Studio. We got tons of valuable feedback and based on it shipped the following new features that will make your work easier and more efficient.

1. Appearance Panel

The new Appearance panel allows you to easily change the overall look of your application while getting instant preview in design-time.

Radzen Blazor Studio - Appearance Panel

2. Debugging Support

Debug Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications right in Radzen Blazor Studio. Say goodbye to tedious bug hunts and hello to efficient Blazor coding.

Radzen Blazor Studio - Debugging Support

3. Multi-Tenancy Support

Multi-tenancy allows a single Radzen Blazor application to serve multiple tenants. Available as an option in ASP.NET Core Identity security.

Radzen Blazor Studio - Multi-Tenancy Support

4. Windows Security

Use Windows users and roles for authentication and authorization.

Radzen Blazor Studio - Windows Security

5. Azure AD Security

Application users can login via their Azure AD credentials.

Radzen Blazor Studio - Azure AD Security

6. Data Binding Configuration Wizards

Visually bind components to your data.

Radzen Blazor Studio - Data Binding Configuration Wizards

7. Reorder Components in Outline Tree

Move components from the outline tree. Improved design-time rendering performance.

Radzen Blazor Studio - Reorder Components in Outline Tree

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by Atanas Korchev

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