Radzen 3.0 progress and dozens of new features for current Radzen

We've been busy the last two months with Radzen 3.0 and we have very good progress to show. For example here is some work in progress of the new method editor (formerly known as event editor).

All existing templates have been migrated to T4 for Radzen 3.0 and you will be able to provide your own custom ones. Database scaffolding has been migrated for all supported providers  (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle) and there is a new addition - SQLite.

We've also added a ton of new features to the current Radzen and the Radzen.Blazor components. Here are the most important ones:

Busy dialog

By popular demand we've added a ability to show busy dialog while your application is executing some time consuming operation!

Numeric value formatting

Our growing community helped us to provide Numeric component value format support!

Tree selection support via the Value property

You can now select tree items easily using the Tree Value property!

Dozens of new features, fixes and improvements

  • (Blazor) DataGrid RowClick event added.
  • (Blazor) DropDown SelectAllText property added.
  • (Blazor) DatePicker and DataGrid DateTimeOffset support added.
  • (Blazor) DataGrid LogicalFilterOperator added.

and more!

Download Radzen now, check the changelog for more info what’s new and our roadmap to find out what’s next!

Stay safe!

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by Vladimir Enchev

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