We are pleased to announce that starting from Radzen 2.2 you can export your data in Microsoft Excel and CSV format!


Supported for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL data-sources

You can export data from all databases supported by Radzen.


You can export all tables, views and stored procedures

All you need to do is drag-and-drop a Button from Radzen’s toolbox and configure it what data to export.


You can page, sort and filter your data before export

Use the parameters to export only the data you need.


You can select specific columns only to be exported

Radzen allows you to specify which columns to export too.


Export is done server-side and the result is available as a ready-to-use file

export-result1.png export-result2.png

What’s next? Download Radzen now to try the new exporting feature, no credit card or registration required!