The evolution of ASP.NET Web Forms with ASP.NET Core, Angular and Radzen.

Still having a bunch of applications using the good old ASP.NET Web Forms? Tired of the application performance, ViewState and all the hacks you’ve made to make it look good and actually work? Do you want something lightweight, super fast and pretty? You don’t have time to learn yet another framework, do you? And you want to leverage your expertise in C# or VB.NET? Well, it’s time for action. ASP.NET Core 2.0 is here and it’s time to get advantage of it with Radzen!

ASP.NET Core 2.0 is fast

Check out the recent performance tests made by Ben Adams. It’s fast, right? aspnetcore-perf.png

You can deploy your applications on Linux too

Yep, you can deploy your applications on Linux, on Apache, Docker, on Azure and of course on your trustworthy Windows IIS. aspnetcore-deploy.png

You can use both C# and VB.NET

VB.NET was widely popular in ASP.NET Web Forms and we at Radzen are proud to be the first solution to use it with ASP.NET Core! vb-startup.png

OData for ASP.NET Core 2.0 is official

Microsoft just released officially OData for ASP.NET Core 2.0 and together with Entity Framework Core you have the best way to expose your data! aspnetcore-odata.png

So how do you kickstart with all these great technologies? How to drag & drop and data-bind components visually like you used to do with ASP.NET Web Forms and Visual Studio? It’s easy - we have it all in Radzen!

Visual WYSIWYG design-time experience

With the Radzen designer you can easily create layouts and pages, drag & drop components and bind them to your data, configure them in the way you want with minimal effort and code. radzen-designer.png

Rich service and database connectivity

You have data in a Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL database? Radzen can connect to them! You have an OData, REST or Swagger service? Radzen can consume them! radzen-datasources.png

Code-generation and templates to kickstart your development

Because your productivity is important for us we have created the best code generation service to expose your data as C# or VB.NET models and controllers. vs-code.png

Angular toolbox with 55 powerful components

Radzen applications are powered by Angular - the most popular and widely adopted JavaScript framework from Google used by millions of developers with lots of resources and learning materials, and Bootstrap, the most popular responsive CSS framework. radzen-toolbox.png

Extensible. No vendor lock-in. No running costs. Mobile ready.

With Radzen you will cut the development time to minimum. Without using proprietary frameworks and code. The applications can be fully customized and extend per your needs and all stays at your premises. Find more about Radzen here.

What’s next? Download Radzen now, no credit card or registration required!

Leverage Radzen on LinkedIn

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Now, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise by adding Radzen Blazor Studio and Radzen Blazor Components as skills to your LinkedIn profile. Present your skills to employers, collaborators, and clients.

All you have to do is go to our Products page on LinkedIn and click the + Add as skill button.

by Vladimir Enchev

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