We are happy to announce that with the latest version of Radzen you will be able to create easily CRUD pages for master/detail data insert, update and delete using our built-in templates. Follow the wizard to select master table, child table from master table relations set desired settings and you are ready!

Master/Detail with two stacked DataGrid components

Master/Detail hierarchy with two nested DataGrid components

Selecting or expanding a record in the master DataGrid will invoke a data-source method call with parameters to get the child data:

Child data retrieved on master record select

master-detail-stacked-code.png master-detail-templates-run.png

Child data retrieved on master record expand

master-detail-hierarchy-code.png master-detail-templates-run-hierarchy.png

You can delete, add new and update records in both master and detail DataGrid.

Master/Detail and Hierarchy templates will work for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL data-sources!

Check also our roadmap for more info what’s ahead!