Why Radzen?

Cost effective and transparent licensing. Premium customer support.

The per-developer, royalty-free license allows you to build unlimited number of applications.

No additional running costs - the output code stays at your premises.

One year of maintenance and support. 24 or 16 hour guaranteed response time (depending on the license). Free updates during the maintenance period. Priority bug fixes and feature requests.

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Rapid application development with no coding effort and built-in deploy

Radzen helps you build and deploy fully functional applications in minutes.

  1. The automatic code generation will cut your development time dramatically.
  2. Use the visual designer to fine-tune the user interface.
  3. Deploy your application to IIS or FTP/Azure.

The application is complete without writing a single line of code or messing with HTML and CSS.

Proven and open technology stack. No vendor lock-in.

The Radzen applications are built on the top of trusted, popular and widely adopted technologies used by millions of developers with lots of resources and learning materials. No proprietary frameworks and code. No steep learning curve. No vendor lock-in - the output applications could be built and run using tools available for free.

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Radzen application in Visual Studio Code

Consume any data. Migrate from other solutions.

Connect to various data-sources: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, OData, Swagger and REST.

Already have an existing LightSwitch application? We got you covered.

Rich component toolbox. Responsive by default.

Radzen provides a rich set of UI components out of the box - DataGrid, Form, Charts, Scheduler, Tree, TreeGrid, Upload and many more.

The output applications look consistent across a wide variety of screens and devices.

.NET Core
.NET Core

Extendable and customizable

The code of the Radzen applications follows the best practices and is humanly readable. You can customize the application using your editor of choice.

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.NET Core

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