Radzen 1.12 update - Upgrade to Angular 4.3 and Angular CLI 1.3, API Key authorization for Swagger services and more!

Latest update of Radzen (1.12) is here!

The new additions are:

  • Upgrade to Angular 4.3 and Angular CLI 1.3
  • API Key authorization for Swagger services
  • Ability to delete security scope from the data-source wizard
  • Application will be opened directly after create
  • Active Directory security will no longer require MSSQL or MySQL data-source swagger-api-key.png

Full release notes are available here.

The new articles in our documentation are:

If you still haven’t tried Radzen you can get the latest bits for Windows, macOS or Linux (32bit and 64bit).

Don’t forget to share your feedback with us! If you hit a bug or want to get in touch please open an issue, post in our forum or send an email to info at radzen.com.


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by Vladimir Enchev

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