Radzen Blazor for Visual Studio Plugin

Hi all! We have some exciting news to share.

You may have noticed one particular item buried in the Radzen Blazor Studio roadmap - the Radzen Blazor for Visual Studio plugin. This blog post would finally reveal the curtain.

What is the Radzen Blazor for Visual Studio plugin

Lots of developers use Radzen Blazor Studio side by side with Visual Studio. They just feel so cozy in the beloved Microsoft IDE and don’t want to use a third party tool for coding and debugging. Still Radzen Blazor Studio adds tons of features to help with Blazor development so one has no other choice but to switch between the two.

The Radzen Blazor for Visual Studio plugin (the name is TBD) aims to solve that. We plan to make all Radzen Blazor Studio features available right inside Visual Studio 2022!

Here is an animated gif showing the current state of our work: Radzen Blazor for Visual Studio - preview of available functionality

Is this a new product

Although it is a new development we don’t plan to make it a new product (as in a new SKU). It will be available as a download for all Radzen Blazor Studio subscribers (Professional, Enterprise and grandfathered Radzen Studio). It will even use the same license key.

What will the plugin support

The plan is to support the following features that are available today in Radzen Blazor Studio:

  • WYSIWYG design time support for existing and new Blazor applications - component toolbox, drag and drop, property grid.
  • Support for creating new applications that use the Radzen.Blazor component library.
  • Various data source support - databases, REST, OData.
  • Page scaffolding - CRUD, security etc.
  • Radzen.Blazor visual theme customization.

Which versions of Visual Studio will be supported

The plugin supports Visual Studio 2022.


We intend to release the plugin in phases. The first phase will include the WYSIWYG design time support only. We expect to ship a preview version of it this fall!

What does that mean for Radzen Blazor Studio

Our commitment with Radzen Blazor Studio remains as strong as always! We consider the Radzen Blazor for Visual Studio plugin as a complementary feature of Radzen Blazor Studio so it isn’t going anywhere. Both tools share a significant amount of features and implementation so they will evolve together.

Are you excited? Feel free to share feedback and questions in the new category of our community forum.

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by Atanas Korchev

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