Radzen Community edition

Last week we released Radzen Community edition: a free version of Radzen that allows developers to create beautiful and responsive web applications.


Now that there are three Radzen editions here is how they compare feature-wise:

  Radzen Community Radzen Professional Radzen Enterprise
Applications 1 Unlimited Unlimited
DB support MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Page creation Rich design-time and wizards Rich design-time and wizards Rich design-time and wizards
Automatic page generation from a database No Yes Yes
Deployment manual IIS, FTP, zip IIS, FTP, zip
Support Community (forum) 24 hour guaranteed response time 16 hour guaranteed response time

Radzen Community starts as a free fully functional trial version of Radzen Professional and grants you access to all features for 15 days (including support). 
After 15 days you can either purchase a commercial license or continue using Radzen in community mode.


Enjoy and spread the love,
Atanas Korchev, the Radzen team

Leverage Radzen on LinkedIn

Yes, we are on LinkedIn and you should follow us!

Now, you have the opportunity to showcase your expertise by adding Radzen Blazor Studio and Radzen Blazor Components as skills to your LinkedIn profile. Present your skills to employers, collaborators, and clients.

All you have to do is go to our Products page on LinkedIn and click the + Add as skill button.

by Atanas Korchev

Export your data to Microsoft Excel or CSV using ASP.NET Core, Angular and Radzen.

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