MSGraph with Blazor

We are happy to share that Blazor applications in Radzen recently got a very important update: OData data source with AzureAD authentication!

Multitenant Blazor applications

In this post I’m going to show you how to enable multitenancy with data isolation for Blazor application in few steps. The end result will be an application that uses a separate database for every tenant. The current tenant will be determined from the appli...

Blazor DataGrid InLine editing, column totals and more

We’ve been busy over the past few months, adding more and more new components and features to our FREE Blazor component suite. For the official release of Microsoft .NET Core 3.0 in September at .NET Conf 2019, 8 new components (AutoComplete, CheckBoxList, ...

Blazor authentication and authorization with customizable user management pages

We are happy to announce that Blazor applications in Radzen just got a very important upgrade: authentication and authorization support with customizable user management pages!

Introducing the Blazor WYSIWYG design time

Last week we were very excided to share an important breaktrough in Radzen: