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Radzen Blazor Studio is a rapid application development solution for Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications.

Develop your Blazor application visually with familiar WYSIWYG interface.

Get started with Radzen Blazor Studio

Follow these steps to start using Radzen Blazor Studio now.

  1. Download and install .NET 6.
  2. Download and install Radzen Blazor Studio.


Radzen Blazor Studio is currently in alpha mode. This means that:

  • It is not what the release version would look like in terms of UI and features. The list of the currently supported features and upcoming ones is available here.
  • You may hit issues. In such cases we would appreciate you reporting them in our github issues portal.
  • Always use some source of version control (git, TFS, svn et. al.) to prevent information loss.

Get help

If you need help send us an email to info@radzen.com or start a new thread in our forum.

We are here for you

Making our users happy is always a priority for us.