Style Components

With Radzen Blazor Studio you can either customize components’ look & feel globally or simply tweak indivudal component instances where necessary.

Global style edits via themes

Global styles are applied across the entire application, and are typically defined in a theme. These styles can be edited by modifying the theme settings in the Appearance panel, and can include changes to colors, typography, spacing, and other design elements. Global styles customizations can be exported and applied to another Radzen Blazor app via the import styles functionality.

Read more about available Themes and Swatches or see how to Customize a theme.

Local style edits via the Styles tab

Local inline styles are applied to specific components or elements on a page. These styles can be edited using the Styles tab in the components’ Properties panel, and override the global styles for a specific component. This allows for more fine-grained control over the design of a page, and can be useful for making small adjustments or tweaks to individual elements.

Important: Local component edits (these applied via the Styles tab of a component instance) override the global theme styles.