Radzen Blazor Studio makes connecting to your data a breeze. You can connect to your MSSQL, MySQL, PostreSQL, Oracle or SQLite relational database ans scaffold a complete CRUD application in a few steps.

Follow this tutorial to find out how.

How-to video

Create a database data source.

First open an existing application or create a new one.

  1. Click the The button which opens the data source editor button.
  2. Select a database type.
  3. Enter the database connection settings - user name, password etc.
  4. Pick the database entities you wish to scaffold models and services for - tables, views, stored procedures.
  5. Optionally generate CRUD pages from a set of templates (this is a premium feature). You can pick the entities you want pages created for.
  6. Run your application.

Update database data source

To propagate any changes of your database (such as updated tables and columns) to your Blazor app you need to update the database data source.

  1. Click the The button which opens the data source editor button.
  2. Pick your existing database data source from the available options.
  3. Check the new database entities (tables, views, stored procedures) that you wish to include in your app. Do not uncheck the existing entities otherwise they will be removed from the Entity Framework database context.
  4. Optionally generate CRUD pages. You can scaffold CRUD pages only for the updated entities - to do so check them in the entity tree.