Radzen Blazor Studio shows all application files in a tree. To edit a file simply find it in that tree and click it to open it in the editor.

Edit modes

You can edit a file in three modes - design, split and source. Design mode is available for .razor and .cs files. In split and source mode you can edit the source code of the file.

Design modes

Radzen Blazor Studio provides three different design modes:

UI design mode

Available only for .razor files (excluding App.razor and _Imports.razor). This is a familiar WYSIWYG designer which allows you visually add, remove and configure Blazor components and HTML elements. More info is available in the components article.

Data design mode

Lists all properties and fields of the current file. Supported for .razor files that have a @code {} section and .cs files. Allows you to add new properties and fields, inject services, mark an existing property as a [Parameter] etc. Discussed in more details in the properties and fields article.

Methods design mode

Lists all methods of the current .cs or .razor file (if it has a @code {} section). Allows you to add new statements to methods (control flow, other method invocation, assignments, working with Radzen.Blazor components and services). Radzen Blazor Studio opens a file in Methods design mode when you add or edit an event handler. More details can be found in the methods article.