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Properties and Fields

Alpha Release

This article covers the alpha version of Radzen Blazor Studio. Please note that features can change during the alpha period. Bugs and performance issues are expected.

Every Blazor component needs data - to store and display database queries, to capture the user input etc You can manage the fields and properties of your Blazor components or C# classes via Radzen Blazor Studio’s Data design mode.

To access Data design mode open a .razor or .cs file and click the corresponding button in the design canvas toolbar.

Radzen Blazor Studio will display a list of all fields and properties that are accessible from the current class / component.

Radzen Blazor Studio displays fields and properties that may be defined in other files - partial or classes.

Add property or field

To add a new property or field click the + button in the corresponding section. Then enter the name of the field / property, optional initial value and specify its type (Radzen Blazor Studio will try to infer the type automatically if you provide a value).

The value of the field / property must be a constant expression. For example you should not initialize your property or field by invoking an instance method. You can set the value later (for example in a life-cycle method).

Important: You should quote string values via " in this dialog.

Add a new field

If you have opened a Blazor component which is defined in multiple files (e.g. uses code-behind or partial classes) Radzen Blazor Studio will ask you to pick which file to add the new field / property to and then open that file.

Update property or field

Clicking a property or field would open a dialog which allows you to change its name, access, make it injectable or decorate it with the [Parameter] attribute. If the property or field is declared in a different file Radzen Blazor Studio will open that file automatically.

Important: Radzen Blazor Studio will not automatically change all occurrences of the property/name if you change its name.

Delete a property or field

To delete a property or field click the delete button (visible only if you have openend the file where the property or field is declared in).

Important: Your application may not build if you delete a property or field which is used somewhere else. Delete all usages beforehand.

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