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Log file

Radzen Blazor Studio logs various info (including exceptions and other problems). The location depends on the target OS:


%APPDATA%\Radzen Blazor Studio\log.txt


~/Library/Application Support/Radzen Blazor Studio/log.txt


~/.config/Radzen Blazor Studio/log.txt or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Radzen Blazor Studio/log.txt

CSS does not load in design time

Radzen Blazor Studio will try search for _Host.cshtml or index.html in your application and try to parse them for CSS and JS files. It also supports component specific CSS files (*.razor.css).

If you are including a CSS file by other means it may not display during design time.

Code in lifecycle methods does not execute during design time

This is on purpose to prevent unwanted and frequent code execution in certain lifecycle methods (file-system or DB access). Radzen Blazor Studio tries to generate design time data for Blazor component members so they display some data.

Component fails to render and shows exception

This could be either a bug or unsupported scenario. You can report it as an issue.

Changes do not appear when the application is run

Radzen Blazor Studio does not automatically save file changes. Press ctrl+S to save the current file or ctrl+alt+S to save all open files.

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