Integration with 3rd party JavaScript libraries - Highcharts

This blog post demonstrates how to integrate a 3rd party JavaScript library in Radzen - the highly popular Highcharts!

Radzen 1.12 update - Upgrade to Angular 4.3 and Angular CLI 1.3, API Key authorization for Swagger services and more!

Latest update of Radzen (1.12) is here!

Execute stored procedure with Entity Framework Core and OData

Stored procedures mapping in Entity Framework Core is still not supported out-of-the-box however with few tricks you can do this in your application.

Radzen 1.11 update - Active Directory, Migrating from Microsoft LightSwitch and more!

Latest update of Radzen (1.11) is here!

Radzen 1.2 update - cards, icons and more.

Today we released a new major update of Radzen - the 1.2 version.